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Disney Plus Day : When Is It And What New Releases Can You Expect?

Disney’s annual D23 Expo is occurring in California this month. Furthermore, Disney Plus Day is landing sooner than its past commemoration spot in mid-November. It is now coming on September 8. Not to mention, as promising as it is every time, new intriguing content awaits its audience. Moreover, you would know the content inventory gets exciting and super entertaining with the dearest Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic. Additionally, Disney+ will be receiving some charming new titles from the house itself.


So get ready with your snacks a la carte to witness the magical true-to-life retelling of Pinocchio, as well as a lot of enchantment from Thor: Love and Thunder and Disney Plus Original Obi-Wan Kenobi. Furthermore, the day could possibly share snippets of what’s coming on the streaming platform in 2023. On top of that, new pricing and subscriptions will accompany Disney Plus Day. Therefore, if you have joined the town for the upcoming festival, then visit disneyplus.com login/begin to become a part of the celebration.  

Disney Plus Day date: when does it happen?

This year the day falls two months earlier, on Thursday, September 8, than its usual arrival in November. 


However, this is not a live streaming event like that of Netflix’s Tudum and Warner Bros’ DC Fandome. Therefore, fans and subscribers can keep up with all the updates on Disney’s official social media handle. Every possible declaration will be made solely on Disney Plus US, Disney Plus UK, and Disney Plus Hotstar Twitter accounts and the networks Disney Plus Facebook and Instagram pages. Additionally, you can follow the Disney Plus TikTok channel to look at all the significant updates for Disney Plus Day.

What deals does Disney Plus Day bring?

At present, the best offer is in the Disney Plus pack. If you are a subscriber from the states pursuing a yearly plan will give you savings of 20%. Furthermore, in the bundle, you get Disney Plus, along with Hulu and ESPN+, for just $13.99 per month. It looks like a great deal, doesn’t it? It gets better as the platform is yet to announce new discounts and offers for the day itself. 

What's airing on the streaming platform?

If you are still not ready, then fasten up your seat belts quickly. Because this ride is going to be long, full of surprises and entertainment. Here are the titles reported up to this point that will be accessible to stream on Disney Plus Day.



  • Pinocchio: Disney has sprinkled its pixie dust to blow the spell of amusement further. It brings across the classic 1940s work of art in a new contemporary transformed way. It features Tom Hanks as Geppetto and new rising star Benjamin Evans Ainsworth as the puppet.
  • Frozen and Frozen 2 Sing-Along: You all love, and we know it. Therefore, now it is time to actually “let it go” and allow it to sing in chime with both Frozen films.
  • Remembering: A motivating short film on where thoughts come from and where they go whenever they’re neglected. Sounds charming and intriguing. 
  • Welcome to the Club: On the off chance that we could not get enough of The Simpsons, this short series follows Lisa Simpson as she fails terribly in a bid to turn into a princess.
  • Thor: Love and Thunder: After its dramatic delivery in cinemas all over the planet, the most recent portion from the MCU gets its web-based feature debut this month.


Television Programs


  • Cars on the Road: It’s the cars you know and love. Lightning McQueen and Mater star in this own Disney Plus Original series, heading on an excursion to get together with Mater’s sister.
  • Epic Adventures With Bertie Gregory: The most recent narrative from National Geographic follows Bertie into the tales of numerous wild creatures in probably the cruelest environments.
  • Tierra Incógnita: For crowds searching for a dread, this Argentinian secret repulsiveness makes sure to get the job done as Eric Dalaras endeavors to settle the secret of his folks’ vanishing quite a while back.
  • Wedding Season: You’re in for a wild ride with this type of mixing TV show following the generally drawn-in Katie. She begins an undertaking with Stefan after experiencing passionate feelings at a wedding. After two months, Katie’s life partner and his family are killed.
  • Growing Up: With the psyche of Brie Larson and Culture.House, Growing Up is a half-and-half docuseries that investigates puberty and its many victories and difficulties.
  • Dancing with the Stars: The Pros’ Most Memorable Dances: Ahead of the moving show’s finding its new home on Disney Plus, stars thought back on a few of their favorite memories from the competition 17 years ago.
  • Mike: For those in the UK and Ireland, the arrival of the Hulu Original Mike will at long last be made accessible; from the makers of I, Tonya comes an 8-section series investigating the high points and low points of Mike Tyson.
‘Making Of’ Docuseries 

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi’s Return: Here’s a visual delight for Star Wars fans to dig into the creation of Obi-Wan Kenobi, ten years after the events of Revenge of the Sith.

MCU Assembled: Thor: Love and Thunder: The elite player line-up of Marvel’s most recent release reveal behind the scenes, including Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Taika Waititi.


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